I stumbled upon Fraser/Kowalski fic by accident, never having seen the slash potential when I watched the show in its original run. Now, I am hooked. Oh, man. Kowalski is just too much fun to write. However, I still love Ray V to distraction, so no Ray-wars here, please.

Really.  Aren't they the cutest?

Please read about my warnings policy before you go any further. Thank you.

Short Stories:

Theories of Flight
A story meant to accompany the episode "Good for the Soul." Rated PG-13.
Mister Instinct
The inevitable post- "Mountie on the Bounty" story. Rated NC-17.

Bell, Book and Mountie
A due South retelling of the classic film "Bell, Book and Candle."  Yes, you read that right.   F/K, NC-17, AU.

due South Flashfiction Stories:

These ones are written for a great LiveJournal community,
South Flashfiction
.  They're supposed to be no longer than 1000 words, but some are slightly longer than that. (!) All are F/K, and all rated PG-13 for language and adult content unless otherwise noted.

"You're too damned beautiful, that's your problem."

Nothing To See
"I - " Fraser took a deep breath.  "I don't need curtains."

Right around the time they had that Talk with them in school, he started dreaming about the guy.

"Would you have me say I was hideously embarrassed?  Does that fit your perception of me?"

Geography Lesson
It was only after they became lovers that Chicago started shrinking.

Inertia (parts 1 and 2)
"You taking a poll?  How Long it Takes for your Partners to Fall Head over Heels?"

It wouldn't kill him to be nice.  Right?

I don't want to wake up in five years with no memory of your voice. Your hands. The way you -

After You      (NC-17)
It took a while for Ray to notice the pattern.

Dancing Bear      (NC-17)
He didn't care if the dance wasn't a real Indian dance. Or if the guy wasn't a  real Indian. Or if the whole town folded up at night into a big vinyl suitcase.

Without A Paddle
He feels like a dick in his May West, which he imagines makes him look like a puffy orange marshmallow with toothpicks sticking out.

Take Me Out
"Yes, but if each team makes the same number of outs, won't the game always come out even?"

"I'm not too big on the Trapper Joe stuff, but romance I can definitely get behind."

Trap Door
If anybody was going to be sharing Fraser's underwear, he wanted it to be him. 

What She Doesn't Say    (G)
It's not completely a lie, but it's still a sin, a sin of omission.

Talk Dirty      (NC-17)
He was killing me here, and we hadn't even started.

Thaw      (NC-17)
The first touch warms.

"You are Clyde Fraser Kowalski, and you are beautiful, and you are our son."

Return Policy
"Look, throw it in the garbage, throw it in a snowbank, okay? I don't need it." 

"Why didn't we ever get married?"

Trick      (NC-17)
"Wh--what about the boots?" gasped Ray.  "Had...plans..."

Under the Influence
Fraser. Hammered.  Well. This was different.

Hot Tub      (NC-17)
It was all his fault.  This never would've happened if Fraser hadn't had him along as dead weight--

No Experience Necessary
"I like that you get--enraged--on my behalf."

Head Trip      (NC-17)
Actually my longest dS story yet, six Flashfiction challenges cobbled together into one fic, because I was too lazy to come up with six separate ideas.  About 7500 words.  

Expiration Date      (NC-17)
"Why didn't you tell me?  Were you even gonna see me while you were there?"

"Newsflash, Frase. I'm a guy."

Father Figure
One day, he would show his father that he could be his own man. 

Say Cheese
"Why don't you go back where you belong and let me get on with missing you, huh?"

Seeing Red
"Tourists did this to you?  What the hell were they, armed?"

Lost In Translation
"You do everything right, and you don't even know it."
Available as a podfic at my podfic page.

Taste Test
"Well, I'd never have considered my son particularly interesting either," Bob huffed, "until I saw - Lord."

Ordinary Saints
"You're not a saint, and this isn't a miracle. This is - us."

Too Close    (NC-17)
Whatever happened next, Ray could be damned sure it wasn't going to be boring.  Or easy.

Duet      (NC-17)
"My hands? You kissed my hands the night before you left, when you thought I was asleep-"

Point A to Point B    
"Well, see, it's like this.  I wanted to be proud."

“He’s alive. You’re alive. That’s all that matters. That’s everything, son. Believe me.”

Fall From Grace
...no way was he going to sit there clutching Fraser’s hand and crying over him.  That wasn’t the way to get to him anyway.

Falling Star
Okay, so he and Fraser had once worked and fought and eaten and laughed together, been willing to die for one another; that didn’t mean they couldn’t eventually become strangers to one another, too.

The Morning After The morning after the night before, Ray lay in a pool of sunlight and stared at it.

Third Time's a Charm
  As usual, Ray's timing sucked.
(Also:  Dear lord.  My 50th due South story.)

Public Display  Ray was really sick of making mistakes like this. NC-17.

Other Bits:

The following stories were written for various drabble/ficlet request memes on LiveJournal.  

Take It To The Bridge
for brooklinegirl- Ray/Ray, R

Getting It Right
for elmyraemilie - F/K, PG

Need to Know Basis
for Estrella - F/K, PG-13

for Ilexa - F/K, NC-17

for Sprat - F/K, PG-13.  

Assorted fics:

Ve Haff Vays of Making You Talk  (written for ds_undercover)
They’d been doing it for almost a month, and it was starting to drive him crazy.

Home for the Holidays  Written on Christmas Eve, 2004.  PG-13.
That's how you know it's true love, he's think, when you start playing with dried caribou parts.

Reset  Written for Brooklinegirl in ds_seekritsanta, December 2004.  Ray/Ray, NC-17.  Standing in a putridly pastel bowling alley watching Vecchio throw strike after strike was not his idea of a fun Friday night—Saturday morning—whatever—but who said this had anything to do with fun?

And speaking of Christmas, you must, must, must see Tara's amazing artwork, Twelve Ways to Make Ray More Canadian, also created for ds_seekritsanta.  She's amazingly talented, and since this was my Christmas prezzie, I procured her permission to display it here.  Thanks, Tara!

Gift Exchange  Another Christmas story written for Miriel in the 2005 edition of ds_seekritsanta.  PG-13.

Commitment  Written for brooklinegirl's birthday, May 2006.  Ray's birthday present isn't the one he was expecting.

Auld Lang Syne  Ray takes a long time to figure it out. Written for bluebrocade in the 2006 edition of ds_seekritsanta. NC-17.

Timing  Ray and Fraser have different styles. Written for brooklinegirl. NC-17.

The Geometry of Everything  Ray contemplates square pegs and round holes. Written for the ds Match challenge on LJ.  PG.

Marked  Ben studies the evidence. NC-17.

The Best-Laid Plans  Eight months in, Ray realized his plan was a little nuts. PG-13.

Spring Thaw  The change of seasons brings a transformation. R.